MSpeed Wins!

It was not the kind of day I would have liked, but nonetheless, the combined MSpeed effort walked away with another plaque today. We won today by default...or utter determined perseverance; the other car in our class, a track prepped 350z lost a transmission.

On my second practice session, which was also my last of the day before lunch, I heard a slight "bub bub bub" coming from the left side of my car. I pulled off immediately and the car was ...coughing and farting. It was right at high noon...I was sleepless from yesterday's adrenaline and a can of stomach started churning as we had to line up for a group photo on the track...a hot track. After doing a bunch of diagnosing: I pulled the plugs, cleaned them, drained the catch can [in an used water bottle from the garbage w/ a cap], check engine codes and reflashed. Initially, I thought the turbo went south...after reflashing, a CEL came on right away for "fuel rail press sensor A circuit high input". The car runs but would only at very low throttle.

I convinced the race clerks to let me try a lap after about 2 hrs of diagnosing...grease smudges all over my face. I just wanted to get a time in. The car limped so badly, the marshals didn't even bother flagging, they just walked out on track and waved me to stop on the grass. I wasn't about to blow, so I limped to the pits without finishing a timed lap. Afterwards, the clerks told me that they were gonna black flag me anyway, and were worried my car would blow up...after the event, I limped home anyway.

Fubawu/John brought up the point that I might be able to score a lap time in a lower classed car...and thanks to Paul's graciousness, as he has already did a 60.x sec lap, which was faster than a R35 GTR that was being gently, he lent me his car and I confirmed with the race director. With ZERO seat time, I did a 62.x sec lap in Paul's car [not adjustable race seat and all]...and it felt great driving a stock turbo on a tight track like DDT again that has great low rpm response and uber amounts of torque, without the relatively epic lag of the bigger turbo at low rpm's. Thus...things I learned this wknd:

[B]Stock is not slow. Slow is not always slow. And fast is not always fast.[/B]

Anyway, John is a lot more "stock" than Paul and I and he handily spanks the both of us with pure driver's skills and experience. I've been wondering what John can do in a MSpeed car...congrats to John for a class win in one of the most competitive class with 13 cars!

Also, congrats to Paul doing so well in his class, which was also very competitive, with some of the fastest corvettes and regular event winners. Paul's foray into Time Attack is certainly proving to be fruitful; he's the mechanic of 2 MS3's that won in class, and the owner of 1. I'm happy that MSpeed cars that are being stress tested have held up tune-wise and mechanically to [KNOCK ON WOOD] major mechanical failures, and I'm actually grateful for the learning of what goes wrong, how, why and how to fix it so we can share with everyone. We will likely replace the fuel pressure sensor, unless we have to replace the entire fuel rail assembly.

Thank you for all the support guys! Hope we get some freaking gas cards out of

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